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SUPER PEOPLE INC. was started in 1996 by Sue Nelson.  She has become one of the premier real person casting directors in world.  And what a real person casting director needs is REAL PEOPLE!   That's where you come in!  So, if you've got opinions, we want to hear from you! now to get access to tons of great opportunities TODAY.  It's easy!  Just log in and then start looking for projects to be a part of!    We'll review your submission and contact you if you'd be a good fit.  

If you don't see something NOW that strikes your fancy, to be on our mailing list and we'll be in touch when new programs and opportunities are available.


We will not spam you.
We will not sell your name or contact information.
We will never try to SELL you anything.

WHAT'S THE CATCH?  There is none.  REALLY.  SUPER PEOPLE INC. specializes in finding REAL people to try REAL products and then tell us what they REALLY think.  We just ask that you are open to expressing your own, honest, unscripted opinions.  Those opinions then can be used in written or video advertising for things like product websites, commercials, or infomercials.  From fitness training for Tae Bo and Winsor Pilates to household products like Jack Lalanne Juicers and Kodak Printers,  we've given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in free products and services since we started in business over 12 years ago.  This past year alone we did shows for Victoria Principal Skincare, Suzanne Somers, South Beach Diet, The Nutribullet,  Mattresses, Lightbulbs, Vitamin Supplements and many more!  
We look forward to hearing from you!  --And making YOU a super person! 

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