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  Sue Nelson is the best at what she does! 
Bob Caudill, President of Bob Caudill & Associates

Super People Inc. is available for all your real people casting and testimonial needs.  Headed by Sue Nelson, we have been in the business for 12+ years and have provided real people testimonials to nearly 250 products.  Our specialties are beauty, fitness and houseware products.  Programs are uniquely designed for each client's specific needs.   

The goal of Super People, Inc. is to provide clients with excellent, outgoing and telegenic testimonials for their direct response and advertising needs.  We find you REAL people who REALLY have a need for your product.  They then give us feedback and testimonial interviews in their own, un-paid, honest, unscripted words.

We can create new groups of testimonials to meet your specific needs, or we work to find pre-existing testimonials already using your product in the marketplace.  

We go above and beyond in every way we can to make sure our clients AND our testimonials have a great experience with the products and the process. Our jobs have ranged from commercials like Honey Bunches of Oats, Vista Print & Kay Jewelers to infomercials for Winsor Pilates, Nutribullet, and Victoria Principal Skincare.  CLICK HERE for a complete list of clients.

We work with you to decide who best represents your product and/or program.  We then find them, put together a group and they use the products.  We keep them motivated and monitor their results specifically and accurately all the while keeping you updated with information and feedback.  


  • Commercials
  • 2-minute Short Form Spots
  • Long Form Infomercials
  • Home Shopping Channel Call Ins
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Product review sites
  • Whatever YOU need!

We go above and beyond in every way to make sure our clients AND our testimonials have a great experience with the products and the process.  This philosophy makes us the best at what we do! 


What's The Real Value Of Using A Celebrity Endorsement?

Sue is interviewed for the article and talks about the benefits of using celebrities vs. real people testimonials. "It's all about believability and seeing a real person that's had their life changed by a product gets the phone ringing."

click here to read full article

Commercial Cast By Super People Inc.


  • Real People Casting For Commercials
  • Testimonial groups for new products
  • Testimonial groups for existing products already in the marketplace
  • Casting for Experts, Doctors, and Athletes
  • Audience Casting
  • Focus group casting, coordination and moderation
  • Host, Co-Host, and Model Casting
  • We work with the best photographers in the business and coordinate and supervise before & after photos

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