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Gets rid of lines around the eyes within 24 hours!


6 month supply of the skincare products (Valued at over $500) + Up To $300 CASH

THIS IS A GOOD ONE FOLKS!!!!  For The LA Area Only.


Tired of the fine lines and dark circles under your eyes!  Does the term "crows feet" make you NOT want to smile? Is there any way besides toxins in a needle to smooth these lines? YES!




We are seeking outgoing women of all ethnicities ages 30 to 60 who want to try an incredible new Hyaluronic Acid Patch with a unique delivery method process that enables it to penetrate the dermis and get results WITHIN 24 HOURS! And, the results last for up to several days!  There is also an Eye Serum that really works to lighten under eye circles!  All for FREE!  Brought to you by the awesome folks at --it's good stuff!


This product is great for:  Fines lines & wrinkles around the eyes. You must have lines/wrinkles around your eyes even when you are NOT smiling.


If selected, you would be provided with a 6 month supply (Valued at over $500) of the skincare products and get up to $300 in expense stipends for your time and travel to visit us at appointments. 


Ideal candidates are attractive, outgoing, and comfortable discussing their results in video taped interviews. 


Please also tell us if you have any special events coming up, like: an upcoming wedding, reunion, or special occasion that you’d like to look great for!  Or, we’d love to hear if you’ve considered or are considering injections or surgery as a solution.  OR, people who want to give up injections for something natural!!!  Please also tell us if you are sisters, twins, mother/daughter, friends, etc.  We'll try to bring you both in!


If selected, you will be asked to do a baseline photo, 24 hour and then 30 day photos. The dates for "before" photos are: Saturday, November 17th, there is a "24 Hour Photo" (B/c it works!) on Sunday, November 18th  and the "30 Day After" photo is Saturday, December 15th.   You’ll get $100 cash stipend at every meeting you attend.  Not everyone will be asked to do the "24 hour" photo.  $200 for baseline and 30 day and $300 if you attend all three!.  You must be in town and available on all those dates just in case.


You may also be asked to do a video interview at the 30 day photo on December 15th.  That would just be YOU giving your honest, unscripted feelings regarding the products.   Snippets of those interviews maybe used in an infomercial and a product website.  There are no plans to use the interviews for anything at this time, but that might change. The location for all dates and events is in the Los Angeles area.


Sorry, we are NOT looking for:    Women with acne— occasional breakouts are okay.   Women who are pregnant.  Women who are getting any procedures/injections/laser done during the above dates.  Pre-Existing filler or Botox is okay.


WE WILL BE MEETING WITH PEOPLE ON Wednesday, November 7th.  Appointment times will range from 9:30am to 5pm and you’re welcome to bring children!  Appointments should last no longer than 30 minutes-including wait time. We want to make sure your skin is right for this before we select you. --Meaning we REALLY want you to have some lines!  LOL!


Please answer the questions below to be considered!   We'll be in touch. Thanks!