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Includes a FREE $250 PRODUCT + $250 CASH TO COOK WITH!

Big Brand Name Company Has An Incredible New Grill?

"WHAT'S FOR DINNER?"  There are no more terrifying words in the English language!  Would you like a convenient way to grill more often?   Bring the outdoors in! This is THE latest in grilling technology inside your kitchen.  Perfectly cooked inside and char-grilled outside-in half the time.  No flip required.  Better than grills like the Foreman and with the heat and circulation of an outdoor grill.


Are you a grill-a-holic or intimidated by grilling?  Either way, we can help!


You can go from frozen chicken to delicious charred taste!  Make perfect fish--you don't have to flip!  Delicious pizza and grilled veggies too!  A quicker, easier way to feed your family!


We can't tell you who the brand name company is, but they've come up with something terrific and we are looking for testimonials to use the product and tell us how easy it was to create their favorite grilled foods!  From burgers to chicken and steak.  Also looking for people who want to create their favorite ethnic specialties like Carne Asada and Chicken Tikka!


If selected, you’ll get the appliance to keep (Valued at $200+), an amazing cooking class  AND $250 to buy food and prepare food during the program!  ALL AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!


We are for looking for attractive, outgoing, enthusiastic men, women, couples and families of ALL Ethnicities and ages to participate.




Cooking for kids

Have kids in sports

Working parents or Stay at home parents

Single parents

Dads that cook

Empty Nesters

Single people and millenials who want to throw great dinners

Engaged Couples/Newlyweds

Known for having a grilling "specialty"


At the end of your 4 weeks with the product, you maybe asked to give an interview/testimonial for our infomercial.  These interviews are unscripted.  It’s just you expressing your honest opinions on the product and your experienc.


WE WILL BE MEETING WITH PEOPLE Tuesday, March 26th in Sherman Oaks, CA. 


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule an appointment if your submission makes you a good candidate.