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Do you want to try the latest and greatest robot vacuum?  Clean under beds, clean while you're asleep or at work! Clean while you read magazines on the couch! And it automatically adjusts from carpet to hardwood floors and back again. If you've been looking at these expensive vacuums and wondering if they REALLY work--now's your chance to find out for FREE!


If selected for our group, we’ll GIVE you the NEW  robot vacuum to try and keep for FREE!  (Retail Value: $400+) Then, you take it home and put it to the test.  After that, you’ll do a video interview talking in your own, honest unscripted words about your experiences with the vacuum. 


This vacuum is designed for use on all floor types and automatically adjusts from floor to carpet.


We are seeking the following people to be real life testimonials for their new infomercial:


We are looking for women, men, couples and families of all ethnicities who want to try this new product.   Whether you are just too busy to clean enough or just despise the drudgery of vacuuming, this is for YOU! We are specifically seeking:

  • PARENTS- Have a newborn or toddler and want to keep the floor they are cruising on clean?  And/Or cleaning up after bigger kids making daily messes?  Are you a stay at home Mom (or Dad!) who dreads the daily vacuum?  Or, are you working parents who need a quick way to keep the house (and car!) clean!
  • LOTS OF PETS? - Finding yourself cleaning up fur daily or every other day? Fearful of fur lurking under the bed?
  • NEAT FREAK? - Enough said!
  • GUYS WHO LIKE GADGETS! - Try the latest and greatest vacuum computer!
  • OR ANYONE ELSE- who wants an easier way to clean their house in an efficient manner.
  • ALREADY HAVE A ROBOT VACUUM - we are looking for households who  and want to try the latest model on the market.

In exchange for the interview/testimonial, you will receive the vacuum valued at over $400 + a $100 cash stipend when we shoot the interview.


If you are interested, we’ll be meeting with people on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.  The location for this meeting will be in Sherman Oaks.  Appointment times should last no longer than 30 minutes.  We just want to meet you and make sure we have similar goals and that you are right for this project. 


If you are interested in an appointment to meet with us, sign up ASAP below!